Welcome to hs-Sci at UCF

If you are reading this, we assume that you are interested in science. Perhaps you are interested in nanoscience. Maybe you want to know about nanoscience at UCF. Or you may even be interested in knowing how could you get involved yourself in some nanoscience research going on close to your home or school. There is also a possibility that you got here looking for tickets for the NFL. In any of the cases but the last one, you are in the proper blog. See below… 

If you are Spanish speaker… puedes leer esto en Español

This blog has been created to satisfy the needs of many high-school students who love science but do not really know what to do in order to put their hands into some “real” research stuff. Many times, the bridge that separates the university (and the research within) from the pre-university education organizations (your school) seems to be so long and so high that one can not see the other end. This is what we want to correct with this blog…

This blog will bring some of the research (in nanoscience) performed at UCF to you, guys, well before you arrive to the university. The aim is to let you know about what and who is “cooking” inside UCF nano-research departments (physics, chemistry, biology…) and what are the oportunities for you to get involved with whatever you see and like…

So, how are we going to do so…?

However we do it, it would not make sense to do it without you, guys. Interaction between UCF researchers and high-school students must be the essence of this enterprise. And what would be a better interactive approach than letting you to do the blog…?

There you go!

The whole idea is to have you making the blog yourselves. This way the information won’t go in only one direction (from UCF to you) but in both (from you to UCF, as well). For example, it would be really great to know what is going on outside there. Are you participating in a science fair? Do you know of any? Do you have something (scientifically) interesting that you want to share with us? Perhaps one of your school science projects…

How are we going to organize all this?

This is easy, given the fact that I have a very talented high-school student taking care of it. Jesus Paredes will be the bridge (in this case, short and low, so you can quickly cross to the other side).

The way we want it to work:

1) Jesus will interview researchers at UCF and post his interviews and comments on the blog, so you can know (from your own perspective) what is going on at UCF.

2) He will regularly update the permanent pages of the blog (links, oportunities, etc.) so you will always know about the latest news or information.

3) He will collect your own posts or any information that you thing it may be useful to the blog. YES, we want you to write your own posts and answer directly to any interested third person who may want to ask you something. Jesus will just make it to happen, so you need to write to him and let him know how do you want to contribute.

4) I will also take care of some of the content (whenever you see my name at the end), but least of the times.

5) All posts will be offered in Spanish and can be found under category “Español

6) …

7) …

(The last sections are for you to suggest. Do you have any idea to improve the blog? Do you think we should add other sections? Would you be willing to get involved with this initiative at a higher degree? Feel free…)

I hope you like the blog. We wait for your contribution and participation. Please, spread the word around. The many we are the better we’ll do.


Enrique del Barco