High School Students at work.

Austin Coye

Austin Coye: Soft more at Lake Highland High School currently employed by Dr. Enrique del Barco at the University of Central Florida in the department of Physics in the area of nanotechnology. Austin recently achieved fourth place in the 2009 International Science Fair. Austin currently works with extremely small abject to the naked eye, her current project deals with the behavior of protein molecules when these interact with gold; observing how these cover up the surface of gold under an Atomic Force Microscope. In addition, she works with a graduate student on his project which involves the application of electric currents through gold nano particles.



Jesus Paredes

 Jesus Paredes: Currently a senior at Lyman High School and attending at the school of aerospace engineering which resides at this same campus; Jesus is currently employed by Dr. Enrique del Barco at UCF in the department of physics with the task of building this very same blog. Jesus has the task of interviewing professors, writing and posting articles and the interaction with the constant viewers and participants of this blog.

Elian Zhou

Eliane Zhou: Elaine attends Lake Highland High School and is currently employed by Dr. Beatriz Roldan in the department of physics that resides here at UCF. Elaine works with the Dr. Roldan’s group in order to learn more about the production and the fabrication of nanomaterials This includes research on nanoscale catalysts, nanomagnetics, and photon-induced structural and chemical changes. The systematic study of physics at the nanoscale is done using an ultra-high vacuum systems.