Science Fairs

We plan to update this page with information for hs-Sci students who want to present their Sci-projects to the public in local or State-level Science Fairs. Remember that the whole idea of the hs-Sci blog is to have you contributing actively in its creation, so, please, let us know about your project presentation or the science fair you know about. We will post your report on the blog, including pictures, so other people can learn about what you have done…


55th State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida
April 7 – 9, 2010
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
North Building
9400 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819

If you have first-hand information about this fair or have participated in a previous edition, please write a post and let us know (we’ll publish it). Also, if you have participated in the previous edition and you want us to know about your project, write a post and send it to Jesus (see authors page).

Registration closed on October 1st (We’ll have to wait until next solicitation)
It looks like this is a competition in which the student may need to look for a research partner at a college or university. Again, any feedback from you, guys, will be extremely welcome.

 Science Olympiad 25Th Anniversary competition in MATH, SCIENCE, & ENGINEERING.

Started by Dr. Gerar Putz and Mr. Jack Cairns, Science Olympiad is a None-profit organization in which elementary,  middle school, or high school team compete in solving problems and performing tasks that requires knowledge of various science  topics and engineering abilities. Over 14,000 teams from 47 U.S. states and Canada compete each year.

Regionals will be held at Cypress Creek High School in south Orlando on Saturday January 31, 2009 and State Finals will be held here at UCF on Saturday February 28, 2009.

For more information please feel free to visit Science Olympiad’s home page at:

                                     SECME Engineering Competition. 
SECME is a non-profit organization established in 1975 and currently based on Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia Institute of Technology. SECME aims to address two current national issues which are a current decline in engineering enrollments on universities across the U.S. And the growth of shortfalls in technical knowledge to sustain an economy.
SECME is a competition that provides K-12 students with the  opportunity to get involved in the field of engineering allowing them to not only learn but also to put to practice simple but essential engineering skills such as team work, real- life mathematical problem-solving skills, planing and designing of projects and solutions.
SECME will be held here at UCF on Saturday February 21