Research opportunities for high-school students

We will update regularly this page with announcements of opportunities for high-school students to get involved with research groups working in science, in general, and nanoscience, in particular.

Enrique del Barco – Physics department
There are currently two high-school students collaborating with del Barco right now. Austin Coye is depositing gold nanoparticles in nanoscale transistors to measure the electrical current through an tiny and almost “invisible” two-nanometer-sized particle. Jesus Paredes is the responsible to create the on-line tools (including crating and mantaining this blog) necessary to bring other students information about how to get involved with research while at high-school. For the moment, del Barco cannot support any more students, but as soon as more oportunities become available in the future we’ll let you know.

 Beatriz Roldan- Physics department
There are currently a few high-school students collaborating with Roldan, investigating the fascinating phenomena emerging from the study of surfaces at the nanoscale level. As soon as an opening becomes available in her lab, we’ll let you know here.