Gold & Tears

Dr. Florencio Eloy Hernandez is a chemistry and optics professors who has been working on a way to test glucose levels in our blood. Glucose is a monosaccharide sugar, or in other words sugar which is found in most plants and animals including us humans. So it other words Dr. Hernandez is working in a new way to test sugar levels in our bodies. Although, we already have a way to test glucose levels in our bodies through blood tests which requires invasive daily finger pricks is not the most effective. Hernandez’s new way to test sugar levels in our blood will us to break free from these invasive and painful finger pricks in order to get a blood drop instead this new process will replace the blood with a simple tear drop.


This is a sensitive and selective process to calculate trace amounts of sugar in our blood. It all begins when gold salts (Ionic gold compounds) are mixed with a teardrop transforming the ionic gold particles into regular gold particles (remember that all occurs down to the molecular level).In the process microscopic sphere-shaped crystals are formed    which are later sensed by an equipment. The devise collects the data, which is shown on a screen in order for the users to see their sugar levels.


This ground breaking method is not only painless but also not, meaning that it does not have to pierce our skin to achieve the same or in this case better results than current blood sugar monitors. In other words this device will allow us to identify trace amount of sugar in our blood therefore making it more accurate. This means that users will be able detect any sings of diabetes long before the symptoms are shown. This could provide an early warning for people that do not have the disease in order for them to take action at an early stage.


Another advantage of this new device is that it’s no bigger than a regular compact CD player meaning it’s portable. Beside its portability the device will be economically accessible for all potential users, and it could be sold at stores and be placed in them as well, so that anyone that cannot afford it or does not need to buy the equipment can go and test their blood sugar levels at anytime without worrying about the pain