UCF Internship

These past two months or so that I had been working here at UCF for Dr. Enrique del Barco I have gained knowledge and experience on how to produce or in other words finding graphene. Graphene is a two dimensional material found in graphite making it only one atom thick. To find grapheme students here at UCF take graphite and peel off its layers with simple adhesive tape. A piece of graphite is placed on the center of the adhesive part of the strip of tape so that later the piece can be glue together and taken apart again. This process will normally take ten minutes or so. After the graphite has gone the peeling process with the adhesive tape it would resemble dust. This dust its later taken to a light microscope to start looking for the graphene. In the light microscope graphene looks like a very light pink or purple .Finding graphene its very difficult since its almost invisible to the naked eye so time and patience its needed to find graphene.

The reason why students here at UCF work with graphene its to study its especial conductive properties which are far more grater than that of the silicon used its computer systems in these days. Also this new material its very exiting and almost unique due to its two dimensional structure and its ability to remain stable even at room temperature. Many physicist now days think that graphene might become the main component in most of our computer systems increasing their information storage capabilities. and making the far more faster and more portable.

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